Art Event: Shapes and Reflection 2013 at Mira Costa College

Art event, December 7th, Shapes and Reflection 2013 presented by Mira Costa College

IMG_3828 IMG_3832 IMG_3834

I attend this event because my friend performed in this event. I am not familiar with dance, but I really enjoyed it because their expression of dance and music were very matched.

Their titles were interesting, too such as Speaking in silence, a little party never killed nobody, planetary dances, shadow of the heart, life cadence, and a little bit of formal.

All dances were performed by Mira Costa College students, and they were good enough to attract many audiences.

What I learned from this event is that silence is sometimes strongly impressive.

Because I am sociology major and love debates, I often depend on words or language too much, and unfortunately, it sometimes makes me tired and complicated to keep.

In the dance performance, no one says anything, but it often gives strong impression to audiences. Therefore, I thought that I want to make arts without words or abstract arts sometimes.



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