Art Event, Hyuga 6th Year Anniversary

Art event, December 7th, Hyuga 6th year anniversary

I am not sure that this event could be categorized as the event assignment, but I posted this because I actually performed with my roommates at this events.

There is a Japanese-owner Japanese restaurant called HYUGA in San Marcos. Because the owner is Japanese, he invited me and asked me to play some songs at this event.

There were much foods for more than 30 people, and everybody had a good time. At 11:30, my roommate and I started to play two songs as the first performer. I was a little bit nervous, but alcohol helped me enjoy playing in front of people.

What I learned is that performing in front of people is hard but worth because I can directly message to the people in front. What I sung is “Blue Sky” made by The Blue Hearts, Japanese Punk Band, and the song has a peaceful message that “How could people understand me from my place to be born, color of skin, and color of eyes.” I felt that many people got that type of messages at that time and that made me feel good.

Therefore, I will work on not only arts like drawing, photo-taking, and illustrating, but also performing directly in front of people in order to tell my message to as many people as I can.

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