Art Event: Seaside Event Celebration Sunday & Harvest Festival

Art event, November 24th, Seaside Event-Celebration Sunday & Harvest Festival in Encinitas

IMG_3555 IMG_3535

This event was hold by Seaside Center for Spiritual Living, which visions a spiritual nexus inspiring people to live their divinity, and their purpose of the event is celebrating our divinity, loving our humanity, and serving our community. The reasons why I went there is because the band playing at the event is my friend’s band called Simple Green. They are a reggae band, and they play chill reggae songs, which comforted me in the noon on Sunday very much. In the event, the organization serves free food and education about recycling and environment, so I could learn about environmental problems and solutions with good music.

I really envy the atmosphere of the organization, Seaside Center for Spiritual Living, and Encinitas because there is no such a event in Japan, which is studying environment with reggae songs. I sense that American people have better ideas of messaging something important to people in community than  Japanese people do. The main difference is that American people have more fun when they message something serious than Japanese people. In Japan, even though many group and organizations held events messaging something serious like Politics and environmental problems, their events are too serious as if we study that in school. That t is why Japanese events are not fun as much as American events.

Therefore, I decided to message something important to my friends with joy because then, everybody can study while having fun. There is a Japanese musician who stood as a candidate this year, and he played and sung his songs when he talked about his policy at the election. That was the most amazing election That I have never see, which is similar to American people’s thought for creating events, so I posted below.




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