Art Event: San Diego Natural History Museum in Balboa Park

Art event, December 3rd, San Diego Natural History Museum in Balboa Park -Dinosaur 3D-

IMG_3979 IMG_3983 IMG_3986IMG_3812

In Natural History Museum at Balboa Park, there were many bones and models of ancients animals and dinosaurs on 2nd and 3rd floors. On the 1st floor, there is a movie theatre providing 3-D movies of dinosaurs or ancient times for learning the history. Even though I have been liked dinosaurs since I was child, I had never seen such a nice museum of dinosaurs in Japan, so I was really excited and impressed by the quality of the Natural History Museum. Especially 3-D movie, Dinosaurs Alive! 3D was so amazing that I was impressed by the development of 3-D technology.

Unbelievable size of ancient animals and dinosaurs gave me a sense that the earth have such a long history and living in this moment is stilled lasted from the ancient time even though min animals on the earth is different. I am majoring sociology and interested in environmental issues all because nature of the earth is all the basics to live for all animals. However, since people have acted so selfishly, the balance of nature got unstable and many kinds of animals were extinct due to global capitalism focusing on making profits more than anything. Therefore, what I realized is that no photographer can take a beautiful picture without the earth. In other words, even though human being’s development and skill seem valuable for our lives, those would be useless and meaningless if the earth are more damaged, which would happen in near future. Therefore, I really wanna make arts having environmental messages, and these picture below are the picture for showing respect to the nature called planetary art.

アザーPlanet of the earth IMG_3669 - バージョン 3 IMG_2862 - バージョン 2 2067 - バージョン 2



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