Art Event : Museum of Man at Balboa Park

Art event, December 3rd, Museum of Man at Balboa Park

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I also went to the Museum of Man at Balboa Park. They showed the history of human species and some particular civilization such as Maya and Egypt. As the same as Natural History Museum, I learned that how we evolved with long time history, and old civilization’s design of buildings and products were very beautiful and sophisticated. When I recognized such a long time history of humankind, it gives me a large-scale thought for my life and earth, which is the most basic question of all of us, what I live for on this world. Recently, I found more and more social controversies, and I felt that it happened because less and less people focus on their life meaning. I wanna make arts questioning the meaning of their life because I believe that it will promote the quality of life for all of us.

I put some of my arts below.

そら 精神2 精神17 ごはん17



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