Art Event: Getty Villa

Art event, November 18, Getty Villa-Visit the Ancient Time of Greece and Rome

IMG_3750 IMG_3774 IMG_3775 IMG_3761

At first, construction of the building and the inside design were very beautiful and impressive, and one of the example is the picture above. There was a trick art on the floor and beautiful water fountain.

Historical statues in Greece and Rome were very neat and sophisticated, and I found some statues that I have seen before on the TV or books, which never bored me.

I could not believe that those statues and stuffs were created about 2000 years ago and still attract people in the 21st Century.

When I imagined every era of the art form all over the world and compare with current art form, it is way different, but both are still beautiful. One of the typical art forms in 21st century must be creations by Illustrator, and I could see the possibility of illustrator because I realized that all people who made arts in the history created their arts by what they could do with their technology and skill in each era.

Therefore, I will keep making more arts from Illustrator and photoshop in this winter vacations. These pictures below are some of my arts created by Illustrator and Photoshop.

鏡 精神 りょう1 りゅう



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