Event 3: Meishi Mixer

Meishi Mixer, October 17th, in a restaurant called Sushi on a Roll in Downtown

This is the event from my internship company, Japan Society of San Diego and Tijuana, and it is for exchanging Meishi, a Japanese form of business card.

There are around 30 people in the event, and mostly they are over 35 year old workers.

As a manner of Japanese business workers, they give their business cards by handing both hands at the first time conversation.

Now Meishi is not just a business card. It is an art because many people have good designs on their business cards like below.

名刺 名刺3 名詞2

I was surprised how business men care details for their business, which is a small business card.

Moreover, I realized that there is a field that knowledge of graphic designs could influence their business positively from such a small card because attractive business cards must bring good people connection with their business.

It gives me an opportunity to eager to make my own business card because I want to start a business about selling T-shirts in this winter. For the business card, I want to design something attractive, and I am excited for it.





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