Good Layout Bad Layout

For comparing whether layout is good or bad, I brought some Japanese magazines’ cover pages.

Here are some bad layouts.

レイアウト レイアウト2 レイアウト3

These pictures are bad layout.

Reasons are:

-too many words and information

-too many stuffs on one cover page

-some colors are very hard to read

レイアウト6 レイアウト5 レイアウト4

These are good layout.

Reasons are:

-simpler colors

-less information and words

-easier to read

-one object on a cover page

I thought that Japanese magazines have more words and information compared with American magazines.

It could be because Japanese people are more neat, but for the layout, I feel that simpler is better and there are many too much information cover pages in Japan.

I did not notice this fact, so it was very good to think and compare between Japanese and American magazines.







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