Event : Gravity 3-D

Event Paper, Gravity 3-D, November 11th.

Gravity 3-D is the first movie to experience the space with 3-D glasses, and it was really true.

A mission specialist, Dr Ryan Stone, was in her first space shuttle mission with veteran astronaut, Matt Kowalski. During the mission, High-speed debris strikes the space shuttle, and she was thrown away to the space. The movie describes how you face the space and gravity in that situation, and it was very surprising and impressive.

I often imagine the space and universe, but it was very different from what I imagined.

My imagination of the space and universe is calm, large, and eternal, but how the movie described the universe was very dangerous as if people should never be there although some scenes were very beautiful.

Therefore, it really changed my mind and I decided that I will never be an astronaut.

I would assume that almost all scenes were created by CG graphics, but it was so beautiful that I almost forget about that. That is why I found many possibilities from that.

After all, even though the story was very simple as a movie, the movie visually attracted me for sure and it gave a new perspective of the universe.





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