6 images that capture my attention


1.  This picture’s title is “From Beginning , to Defend” by Sam Luke who is an artist and musician from San Diego. As you can see, this picture is about the nuclear accident in Japan in 2011, and people are becoming malformed because of radiation while Tsunami and a gun triggered by money are targeting those people. I saw this picture in my sister’s blog, Post-Fukushima Stories, which is sharing art, music, poetry, or any idea that comes from the big earthquake in Japan on March 11, 2011. This is one of the most shocking pictures that have a strong message to my whole life because this image could possible be real in near future and we, or Japanese people, have to face this unescapable fact.


スクリーンショット 2013-09-05 4.59.21 PM

2. This is done by my sister, Shoko Hachiya. My sister lived in San Diego more than 6 years and hanged out with many San Diego local artists. She actually sells her arts here and Japan, and she is going to collaborate her arts with Japanese local apparel company. I personally feel like her drawing and arts promote imagination a lot!

If you are interested in her arts, this is the link. ➡ http://gosandiego.wix.com/shokohachiya#!paintings/photostackergallery2=45

I want Change

3. This is done by a street artist in Australia, Meek. I found this poster in Venice Beach and really like this message. I feel like it is saying that we don’t need anymore money but change like everybody hopes such as peaceful living and being satisfied with everything instead of having more serious problems. This kind of art is called Stencil graffiti, and it has much influences on people all over the world, especially in a street culture. When Meek was staying in London, he worked with Bansky who is a graffiti artist, political activist, film director, and painter in England. After that, this picture and his work became so famous that one Japanese guy finally reached this poster in Venice Beach in 2011.

Millenium Tree

4. This picture’s title is “Millennium Tree” done by Josephine Wall who is a popular English fantasy artist and sculptor in Farnham, England. I found this post card in a souvenir shop in Julian, ca, and I was attracted by this picture within one moment because this picture seems like showing us everything on the earth.  As you guys can see, her art concepts are light, color, fantasy, and visual story telling, and I like this strong impact of story telling messages from this picture, millennium Tree.

Josephine Wall -Music Post (5)

5. This is also done by Josephine Wall called “Nautilus.” Through this art, she expresses the spiral of evolution and the miracle creation of producing life. I capture  a hope of unity with all of living organisms from this picture.


6. The last one would be this picture called “Red Dream” by W. B. Franklin. I got this post card when I went to Zion National Park two weeks ago. That is why the artist, W. B. Franklin is from Navajo, Arizona. He talks about his painting, ” My painting involve lines, forms, splashes, color, my imagination, and my thought pertaining to our history, stories, spirit and the midnight realizations as they are envisioned.” This painting shows a people’s return to their origins, which are harmony and beauty with the environment by portraying the warrior spirit into the art. I got the impression that two blue people on the picture finally return to their home from multidimensional historical periods of time.

I think that my preference of arts is strong impression and message. I personally believe that art has been used as a way of expressing freedom in each historical period, and as many people have already know, in Europe, when the freedom of speech was prohibited by the government, the art was sometimes used as a silent weapon of expressing political messages. That is why I think that the concept of art is really important to express their feeling, skills, or imagination to the audiences, especially now like many bad news are around all the time. Another preference of art that capture me is how the art promotes my imagination and thought. When I find an amazing art or music, the art or music give a strong impression to my mind within a moment. That is what I desire for art and music.




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